How to cope with bullying

The children thanked Nadia Jacobs for giving the anti-bullying talk to the group.

Children were educated about the different types of bullying, being a bully and being bullied when Nadia Jacobs, executive director of NPO Anchor SA came to talk to them at the Retreat Library on Friday October 27.

The children repeated after Nadia that, ”Bullies are not born bullies, bullying is a small word for a big crime”.

They were split into groups and were asked to discuss a type of bullying and what can be done about it, and to present this to the others.

Anchor SA has been in existence for only one year but Nadia has been working in the Retreat, Steenberg, Lavender Hill and surrounding areas for the past 20 years.

One of the NPO’s projects focuses on children.

Nadia provides counselling at Thomas Wildschutt Primary School in Retreat.

She also assesses the children and refers them to psychologists for treatment.

Nadia said the aim at the school in particular was to focus on the basic needs of a child.

“Where bullying is concerned, it is important for the teacher and parent to work together.

We (counsellors) are only the intervention process, so the child joins my therapy every Tuesday and I watch this child develop weekly. Development is a process.

Rather work slower and have a longer period of change than work fast and have nothing,” says Nadia.

Anchor SA has a number of other projects and are also hoping to build a shelter for the home-

They are in need of funding and support. Currently they are raising funds for someone who needs radium therapy for cancer and for a young woman’s education for 2018.

Nadia is asking for support from people who have experiences in counselling, group therapy, or social work to help with her workload.

If you would like to make any donations or volunteer for Anchor SA, call Nadia Jacobs on 076 435 6947.