Hunt on for three of Grassy Park’s most wanted

Parkwood backyard dwellers are adamant that they will keep rebuilding structures on the corner of Acacia Road and Falcon Way until the City of Cape Town listens to their pleas for housing.

About two weeks ago, the backyard dwellers occupied the land but the City’s Anti-land Invasion Unit took down the structures and there was a violent clash between law officials and the residents (“Parkwood housing protest leads to clashes”, Southern Mail March 2).

Rubber bullets and stun grenades were fired after a crowd set tyres alight and threw stones at law enforcement officials.

The backyard dwellers rebuilt the structures until it was taken down again on Monday March 7.

Community leader Benjamen Adams said: “Nobody gives the backyarders a hearing. They just want to be heard.”

The structures have been re- built yet again.

Ward councillor Melanie Arendse said some residents are taking advantage of the situation.

“There are people who aren’t in Ward 66 but are squatting there. People of Ward 66 have been patiently waiting for houses.

“We are not going to tolerate people who want to jump the housing list,” said Ms Arendse.

The backyarders say they have obtained an interdict to stop the City from evicting them until Thursday April 28.