Increased numbers decrease crime

Buck-Inn neighbourhood watch members Shanice Crouster and Lynn Lawrens were at the fund-raiser.

Members of the newly-formed Lotus River Community Care and Safety Association (LRCCSA) say there has been a reduction in crime since the area’s neighbourhood watches united.

The association was formed in February to combat crimes such as robberies and house break-ins and to keep the suburb quiet
and peaceful.

At a fund-raiser held in Ferdale Road on Saturday April 1, the members said to maintain a low crime rate, they want to focus on empowering the youth to keep them off the streets.

Najiema Benjamin, secretary of the LRCCSA , said: “If we empower our youth and provide them with alternatives to make money then these youth who may have been the bane of our existence in the future now become law abiding citizens contributing positively to the community.”

She said all this is possible if “we act as a team”.

Ms Benjamin said while some residents may not want to join the neighbourhood watches on patrol, they could still contribute with other skills.

She urged everyone to join them for the benefit of the whole community.

The fund-raiser was sup-ported by various neighbour-
hood watches including Duiker, Greenlight, Buck-Inn, Stephen Road, Zeero Tolerance and Carola.

The LRCCSA is planning to hold more fund-raisers to help school children with fees and for equipment for neighbourhood watch members, such as bullet proof vests, as well as to send them on a first aid course.

If you want to contribute or support the organisation in any way, call
Ms Benjamin on 083 800 5195 or Riyaad Harris on 074 919 6561.

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