Keith, 78, pens feelings in poetry book

Keith Snyman’s book An anthology of Poems is now available.

A Retreat senior citizen who published his first book believes “all things are possible”.

Keith Snyman, 78, launched An anthology of Poems at the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged on Sunday October 11

In the book, which includes poems, quotes and points to ponder, Mr Snyman shares his innermost thoughts and feelings about various topics.

Mr Snyman, who has been a resident at the home since 2008, has been writing poems for years as a way of expressing his feelings and dealing with the hardships and joys of life (“Uncle Keith writes up a storm”, Southern Mail, March 30, 2016).

In 2016 he submitted 40 poems to the National Library of South Africa Centre for publication and had been working on editing and finalising the book.

Mr Snyman illustrated the book himself and every page has one of his own artworks.

His love for poetry is not new – he has loved Shakespeare since he was in high school, especially Hamlet, but only started writing poems about four years ago – a few months before his submission for publication.

Mr Snyman’s first poem is called Douglas Murray and was inspired by the home and everything he has experienced there.

He became a resident at the home 12 years ago after suffering a stroke and was devastated at first.

“I thought I came here to die,” he said.

After three months he realised he still has a lot to live for and started moving around more after spending months bound to a bed – he eventually started walking again.

In 2014 tragedy struck again when he lost part of his leg due to poor circulation and gangrene but instead of moping around he found inspiration again and started writing memoirs and poems.

To date he has written 48 poems about love, life, death, ageing and many other things, which are all available in his book.

“This is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to publish my thoughts and work and to be able to do it at this age is truly a blessing.

“My advice to anyone who has a dream is to go for it because anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I was 74 when I started the process of having my book published and it was only published this year. No matter how old you are, your dreams are valid and they can come true,” said Mr Snyman.

Half of the proceeds from the book will be going to the Douglas Murray Old Age Home.

The book is available for sale at the home for R250.

Call 021 712 2146 for more information.