Khoisan to march to Parliament with demands

A statue of Nommoa (AKA Dorman), a Khoikhoi resistance leader, who led an uprising against Dutch settlers at the Cape in 1659, in what would become known as the First Khoikhoi-Dutch War

Members of the Khoisan community are planning to march from the Castle of Good Hope to Parliament, on Monday March 28, at 9am, to hand over a memorandum of demands, including a request for full recognition as the first nation of South Africa.

A community representative, Rozina Johnson, of Cafda, said they had marched to Parliament four years ago and given a list of demands, including the call for first-nation recognition, to then Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, but they had heard nothing further from the government since then.

Other demands are for Cafres, Khoikhoi, Hottentot and San Nation to be included among the country’s official languages and for the removal of coloured race identity. Call 061 737 9080 or 065 122 0686 for more information.