Kids’ book machine gets reading wheels turning in Vrygrond

Loxion library founder Litha Samsam reading a book to children in Vrygrond.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader – this is the mindset a Vrygrond non-profit organisation (NPO) hopes to instil in the under-served community with the launch of their mobile library.

The Loxion Mobile library, also known as the kid’s book machine, was established in 2020 during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic when children were at home because of the lockdown.

Founder Litha Sam-Sam realised the need to positively stimulate the mental health and well-being of children in the community through literacy skills, vocabulary skills, language development and to nurture and cultivate a love for reading.

The NPO hopes to foster a love for reading and expand to other communities.

“We strive to be the most efficient provider of a curriculum-based library and provide other educational resources to pre-schools, primary schools and underprivileged communities. We are looking to create a knowledgeable society by improving access to literacy for our children.”

At the moment the organisation supports about 500 children and the Loxion team goes to different parts of the community. But Mr Samsam said their aim was to ensure at least 10 000 children in informal settlements and rural locations across the Cape get access to books every year.

Since last year the organisation received donations of books and stationary and visited the community, hosting reading clubs at parks, halls and other venues accessible to the children of Vrygrond. They also have library days where the children can borrow books and other material to take home.

Mr Samsam, who grew up in Vrygrond, believes every child deserves to have fun and enjoy their years of childhood regardless of their background.

“A township like ours with few resources and activities for kids needs more help and the Loxion Mobile Library project is a fun and safe place for kids in our community.”

Project director, Okuhle Fentele, said the mobile library was an essential service. “I want to play a role in developing our disadvantaged communities and shaping young minds. I believe education doesn’t only brighten up our futures, it also unlocks the chains in our minds.”

Project co-ordinator Ronaldo Mntanase joined to make a difference. “ I believe that through education, nothing is impossible.”

Mr Samsam encouraged readers to donate to the worthy cause. “Any amount is not too small to support us to make this mission possible. Our disadvantaged kids want this opportunity in their community. We will appreciate any amount donated for this cause.”

In a quest to raise more funds to assist more children they’re started a back-a-buddy crowdfunding initiative to secure a transport vehicle to get to more children in Vrygrond and other communities. They also hope to buy more books, equipment and groceries to be able to provide a meal to the children they serve.

For more information or to donate visit or social media page.