Lavender Hill dump

An illegal dumping spot next to Levana Primary School, in Lavender Hill. Picture: Clive Jacobs

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

A few weeks ago I walked past a huge pile of dirt outside Levana Primary School, close to
St Christopher Road, in Lavender Hill.

It is a real mess and the pile of dirt is getting bigger and higher.

There is no doubt in my mind it had been dumped there as dirt had not been collected for a while.

The dirt must have been dumped by a truck as it could not have been from Lavender Hill residents considering their living standards.

It must be from well resourced residents as the milk tins and other containers are quality living products such as Sustagen, Milo and other stuff. The dirt must have been dumped during the night or early hours.

Please, if you know who it is, report it as it makes Lavender Hill look very dirty and with Covid-19 upon us the pupils at Levana Primary will surely be at risk.

Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for water and waste, responds: Illegal dumping occurs throughout the city and has been a drain on City resources for many years.

Lockdown regulations and Covid-19 mitigation protocols have placed further strain on City resources. The City apologises for this and any other inconvenience, and this area will be added to the list for clearing.

While services have at times been disrupted, including delays in normal refuse collection, the City has done its best to address backlogs as soon as possible. In these cases, collections teams have been instructed to also collect excess refuse, that is sealed in a bag and placed next to the full bin.

Residents are implored not to resort to illegal dumping if delays cause refusal to build up to the point where it cannot fit in the wheelie bins. Any inconvenience is sincerely regretted.

“Furthermore, residents are asked to bear in mind that in cases of Covid-19 infection among staff at facilities, mitigation protocols require that even once depots have been decontaminated and reopened, staff availability may remain a challenge. Those who have been in close contact with a confirmed infection are required to self-quarantine for 10 days, even in the absence of symptoms, to minimise the risk that they could unknowingly spread the virus.

Regarding the reporting of illegal dumping, if anyone in the area has details of those who are responsible for dumping, please provide these to the City by calling 021 400 6157 or emailing with the relevant information. Requests for clearing dumping can be submitted to the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.

Illegal dumping is a huge problem across the city. The City budgets approximately R110 million to R120 million for the clearing of illegal dumping hotspots each year to clear approximately
2 900 large dumping hotspots across the City.

However, it seems that almost as soon as areas can be cleaned, certain residents resume dumping.

We, therefore, need residents to please help us ensure those who are responsible for dumping face consequences, as repeated public appeals for guilty parties to cease this activity have not been heard. It is crucial that we work together in the fight against grime, by not littering/ dumping, and reporting those who do. Any person found to be dumping illegally is issued with a Section 56 written notice, which carries a fine of up to R5 000 and the dumper may have his or her vehicle impounded. Impounded vehicles are also subject to a release fee of R8 426 for the first impoundment, and this escalates thereafter.