Lavender Hill man’s tragic death saddens community

Alexander Carson, better known as Nico, died in crossfire, on Tuesday October 9.

Members of Madrassa tul Mumtaaz, an organisation for seniors, in Lavender Hill, were saddened when one of their own was shot dead he was caught in crossfire.

Alexander Carson, 68, better known as Nico, was killed on October 9 outside Stuckerus Court. .

“They are very sad and will miss him dearly. They say that he was a very quiet and respectable man and he was loved by everyone,” said the founder of the organisation, Ruweida Rademeyer.

Constable Wesley Twigg, spokesperson for Steenberg police station said a 23-year-old man was also shot dead and three men, aged 19, 22 and 30, were wounded in the shooting. Constable Twigg said there have been no arrests and murder and attempted murder cases are being investigated. He said the motive for the shooting was gang related.

Olivia Carson, niece of Nico, said he was shot in the head outside the courts while on the way to a friend to play dominoes. She said he had seven children and he lived with one of them.

The family have not come to terms with his death and they are trying to cope with their loss “one day at a time”.

Ms Carson said she has been living in Lavender Hill for 32 years and was born and raised there. She said shooting in the area is the norm. “When we hear gunshots then we run to take cover.”

She said the seniors’ organisation had done wonders for Nico. “The organisation is a good thing for the seniors from Lavender Hill.”

Ms Rademeyer said she started the organisation to pamper the seniors and to take them out of the area to enjoy themselves.

The organisation was established in 2013. Some of the services they provide include helping the seniors to go to the shops and the day hospital.”Just seeing the seniors all alone crossing the busy roads, carrying heavy bags doing their daily things all alone is just very sad for me,” said Ms Rademeyer.

“We Madrassa Tul Mumtaaz needed to uplift our community. Madrassa Tul Mumtaaz invites 200 seniors once a year for a day of enjoyment to unwind with refreshments entertainment and a gift of appreciation with the assistance of The Golden Hearts (sponsors).”

Ms Rademeyer said: “Our seniors don’t give out a cent to attend the Madrassa Tul Mumtaaz function. We only want to see them relaxed and have a smile on their faces.”

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Ms Rademeyer said Nico had attended the seniors’ function on Saturday September 29, at Fairmount High School.

“He was having a ball of a time with his fellow seniors,” she said.

Steenberg police appealed to the community for help. “Anyone with any information about this shooting incident can contact Steenberg SAPS on 021 702 9000 or Crime stop on 08600 10111. Police said all information will be treated with complete confidentiality.