Lea Rose Foundation to host fund-raiser

Lea Rose Foundation at a previous outreach at Pine Acres farm, in Ottery.

Lea Rose Foundation, a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation, will be having a fund-raising event at Pine Acres farm, in Ottery, on Saturday May 27, at 4pm.

Lea Rose Foundation serves children at risk who have fallen out of the formal educational system, said Pat Holmes, spokesperson of Lea Rose Foundation.

“They engage with entertainment and personal growth for youth development in sport in partnership with other NPOs. In addition referrals are made for those in need of counselling for substance abuse and other services. They serve as a resource to refer people and especially youth for life skills training, financial stewardship and recycling programmes,” said Ms Holmes.

Their mission is to promote the principles of the Constitution of South Africa through holistic upliftment and empowerment programmes to the most vulnerable including widows, orphans, homeless people and youth commencing in Ottery, Philippi, Retreat, Grassy Park, Wynberg, Plumstead, Capricorn, Athlone, Lansdowne and Wetton.

“Lea Rose Foundation set out to achieve a goal of complementing social grants which are insufficient to maintain a normal standard of living. Thus they assist in containing hunger through feeding,” said Ms Holmes.

There will be food stalls at the fund-raiser selling breyani, chicken tikka, boerewors rolls, buffalo wings and chips and beverages.

For more information about the event, contact Ms Holmes at 076 112 2755 or Reggie Booysen at 079 622 4382.