Lead wisely

Pastor Paul Phillips, Parkwood

The Parkwood community has lost its oldest citizen, stalwart Christine Matheze, who was 94 years old.

She was a role model, upright Christian and in good standing with her community.

Born during the difficult times of apartheid, dumped in the slums of the Cape Flats and living a life as a disadvantaged citizen, one cannot otherwise but salute this generation of soldiers.

What comes to mind is that at the dawn of 1994, she and so many others in her league must have had high hopes and expectations, like so many of us did.

Dreams of a better future for her and her family – of a safer and better community.

A dream of seeing the sun rise over Parkwood with the promise of redress, development and a better standard of living.

The political speeches, promises of local government and of those seeking to become councillors, must surely have brought some ray of sunshine at the end of a very dark tunnel. What a disappointment.

I know of an instance when her door was kicked down by the police because of mistaken identity – it took days to have the lock to her bedroom replaced.

I know of the gunshots and bullets that keep our seniors hostage in their flats. I know of the illegal deductions from their old age pensions and nobody can get it sorted out. I know how long it takes to have their rented stock maintained when faults are reported. The last time the flats were painted? I can’t recall.

To all the politicians and aspiring councillors who pop up from nowhere, your promises, your slogans, your handshakes and parades are noted. Giving false hope, raising expectations and building your sand castles and drafting fake plans of development is what will haunt you and rob you of your blessings when your season as a senior citizen arrives.

May the promises of those who will lead be true. May the reality of the better life for all be seen and experienced in our lifetime. May the words of those who aspire to take office in August be genuine, for the sake of our seniors, their children and the generation to come. If not, you will be judged by the Ruler of the Universe. The day when He will judge will surely come.