Learning, caring and sharing on Easter Sunday

New Horizon Neighbourhood Watch team, Renash Blaauw, Saadiqah Ganief, Eustacia Yon, Jade Baartman, Chadwin Gurling and Daniel Visser.

The New Horizon Neighbourhood Watch (NHNW) members spread the Easter cheer in their community by giving out 200 Easter egg packs for the children but the focus was also to create awareness about the latest trend where children are making and abusing a drug called “lean” which is a mixture of codeine cough syrup, soda, and hard candy.

At the event on Sunday April 4, Saadiqah Ganief, treasurer of the NHNW, said: “The aim of today was to ensure that each and every child receives an Easter egg treat packet along with a hearty meal to the elderly, and adults.

“The neighbourhood watch loves to promote social awareness and nurturing through caring and supporting our community in need.”

Ms Ganief said that a part of their programme included raising awareness about lean. “We issued a pamphlet to each of the persons attending and children to create awareness. We spoke about the importance of being aware and conscious of the symptoms and behavioural patterns caused by the illegal substance.”

Ms Ganief said there was a concern for the children who are taking lean as it became more popular. “While on patrol we found youth and children using lean and mixing it with cooldrink, energy drinks and or alcohol to give a stronger kick. We urge our youth and children to safeguard themselves and to be brave and strong enough to stand up to peer pressure. We encourage our youth to speak to the neighbourhood watch if they find themselves in need of support and assistance and if they require help if someone is pressuring you to use it.”