Let’s stand together

Pastor Paul Phillip, Voice of Parkwood

After the hype of the local elections, it is back to the reality of the challenges the community face.

Well done to the newly appointed councillors, chairs and sub-council members.

I have, however, noticed the absence of most of the candidates who have so vigorously campaigned to better our communities and asking voters to allow them to make a meaningful contribution.

In my ward, myself included, we had 17 candidates (parties) on the ballot paper. What has become of the smiling faces on the posters, the promises and commitments of wanting to contribute towards a better community, the “irrespective the outcome” speeches and “I have a dream “slogans”? Were they all just empty and meaningless words? Were they the words of an opportunist who wanted to make a quick buck?

If the 17 candidates with all their ability and expertise could partner and as a team with the elected councillor tackle the social and other challenges collectively, they (we) would surely form a formidable team with an awesome outcome. The community would be affected and influenced so positively over the next few years that the course of history can be forever altered.

So I challenge all the candidates who genuinely want to build our community, to come to the table and give your input. Let the community see what you all about, demonstrate what you stand and stood for, become relevant, promote you’re course and express your views. Don’t wait till 2019 again!

The councillor in the seat is not our enemy, but a servant of the community and our commander.

Let’s support them in our common course. Next time the posters goes up again, your smile can be even bigger on the poster, you can campaign with freedom and conviction, you won’t be a stranger,
but a friend of society and a credible
candidate worthy of consideration.

I challenge you all; especially those who have vanished from the scene, to roll up your sleeves and become a labourer in the great task of making our community a better place for all.

If you don’t, well, your silent absence speaks volumes and attest to the facts you are the author of.