Libraries back in business

Inside a library.

The City’s Library Service is gradually returning to a full service offering, with 87 of the facilities now allowing walk-ins and browsing after a week-long “dry run” to ensure all operational directives are in place.

More than 80% of libraries have opened their doors for browsing as part of a phased-in approach to further roll out the service offering.

Limited two-hour study sessions and access to the internet via the SmartCape system is provided on a first-come first-served basis at a number of libraries.

Staff at libraries will follow and enforce strict Covid-19 protocols, and it will remain the responsibility of every visitor to ensure their personal safety.

Patrons are reminded to not visit the library if they exhibit any of the known symptoms of Covid-19, or feel unwell.

Any person entering a library will be screened, and should they fail the screening test, they will not be allowed inside.

All visitors are required to wear a mask, sanitise their hands and adhere to social distancing protocols.

Grassy Park, Lotus River, Ottery and Retreat libraries are among those offering browsing, study space, SmartCape internet access and drop-and-collect services.

Pelican Park library is open for drop-and-collect only and Wynberg library is open for drop-and-collect, browsing and SmartCape access.

Libraries will be open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to noon, loan periods are 30 days, one renewal for additional 30 days.

Twenty items including five audio-visual items (CDs/DVDs) are allowed at a time and no reservations or inter-library loans will be done at present.

Patrons and visitors are requested to acquaint themselves with the capacity limits for each of the services by accessing the information on the Online Public Catalogue (OPAC) at