Local designer ready to share her talents

Amy Jade at her home in Wynberg.

A humble Wynberg-based designer has made it her life’s mission to teach as many people as possible how to use a sewing machine, needle and thread to make or repair their own clothes.

Amy Jade Haupt, 24, had been making her own clothes and repairing broken garments since she was a young girl.

Her passion for fashion has driven her to start her own little design school run from her home in Duncan Road, Wynberg.

Amy Jade always knew from a young age that she wanted to become a designer because her mother, Natalie, was a seamstress and clothes-maker herself.

“I grew up seeing how my mother made and repaired clothes when I was home-schooled and I guess it sparked something,” she said.

So she joined the professional school of dress design in Wynberg and it wasn’t long before she was asked to teach some of the students at the school on a part-time basis.

“It was a perfect combination. I love being able to show people how to create clothes and what the process is so it seemed a perfect fit to teach people,” said Amy Jade.

After the design school she taught at closed down, after three years of working and studying there, Amy Jade opened her own designing and pattern-making school from their home in September last year.

She is a budding entrepreneur, having also run her own temporary airbrush tattoo business.

Although Amy Jade Design Studios is not an accredited learning institution, Amy Jade hopes to have it registered in the future. At the moment she has five students.

“After the design school closed down I was kind of left wondering what I’ll do next and then I came up with the idea of giving lessons on design.

“I absolutely love creating clothes and I get complete satisfaction out of teaching people how to create pieces of clothing so the classes I give are for beginners as well as anyone else willing to learn more about how to use a needle and thread, sewing machine or make a garment. I am willing to teach anyone who is willing to learn at a very low monthly price,” said Amy Jade.

Amy Jade’s mother said she is extremely proud of her daughter for following her dreams.

“It’s never an easy thing to start one’s own business but because she’s a good teacher and likes to help people, it seemed a right fit. I’m sure she will be a success. It might take time but I know she will do great things,” said Ms Haupt.

The Amy Jade Designer Studios students will host a fashion show on Saturday October 15 at the Catholic Church hall in Forbes Road, Wynberg, from 6.30pm. Tickets are R50 each. The clothes will also be on sale after the show.

For details about the show or about the studio, contact Amy Jade on 079 091 0546, visit her Facebook page Amy Jade Design Studios or email standoutsowhat@gmail.com