Lockdown is not a time for general shopping

Five men were arrested in Langa for transporting 720 bottle of brandy and vodka.

Five men have been arrested in Langa for transporting 720 bottle of brandy and vodka. It is illegal to sell alcohol during lockdown. The City’s law enforcement said many people are still wondering around and putting other people in danger.

Individuals must stay at home unless they are buying groceries or petrol, getting social grants, banking or seeking medical care, which are allowed during lockdown.

On day one of lockdown, Friday March 27, groups of shoppers stood in bunches waiting for transport at Parow mall. In Voortrekker Road shoppers stood in a line outside a supermarket in Goodwood.

Minister of trade and industry Ebrahim Patel said this is not a time for general shopping. He encourages people to shop at local shops. “We will be talking to supermarkets about opening early and closing early and … similar arrangements with spaza shops,” said Mr Patel.

He said the regulations were in place to reduce numbers and time spent in a store said Mr Patel. South Africans must complete their basic shopping and return home.

Mr Patel said retailers that sold a range of products as well as food would be limited to selling only essential goods on three conditions.

That retailers put in place controls to ensure that consumers keep a distance of at least a one metre radius.

They will also have to limit the number of people who enter the store based on its size.

All shopping centres and supermarkets selling essential goods also had to follow all directions in terms of hygienic conditions.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula said you cannot commute like business as usual, Public transport – including e-hailing services – will be available to take people shopping or to fulfil other essential services.

“All people are catered for in terms of public transport – prioritising essential services, that takes into consideration people needing to go to hospitals, to buy groceries and so on. Transport is available during 5am and 9am, and again between 4pm and 8pm.

You could be punished with a fine or up to one month in prison on serious charges, including attempted murder.