Lotus River resident turns 97

Amina Afghan was spoiled by her family.

Lotus River’s Amina Afghan celebrated her 97th birthday at a bash thrown by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on Monday March 20.

Born and bred in Kendal Road, Constantia, Ms Afghan moved to Doordrift Road, in Plumstead (which was called Newtown at the time), when she got married to her husband, Noergaan Afghan.

Granddaughter Ibtisaam Green said her grandparents then moved to Lotus River in 1968.

“My grandpa passed away on March 26 1993.”

Ms Green said: “My granny was a machinist, but when she got married she became a housewife.”

Ms Afghan has three children – two sons and one daughter, six grandchildren – five girls and one boy and she has five great-grandchildren – three girls and two boys.

Ms Green said her granny has a great sense of humour. “If you randomly ask her if she’s okay and she would be like, ‘Nee ek’s shoprite’.

“My granny is a remarkable woman, a wonderful combination of warmth, kindness, laughter and infinite love. She would always overlook our faults, encourage us to strive for our dreams and praise our success,” she said.

Amina Afghan with her family.

“What I’ve learnt is never to forget where you come from, respecting our elders and always keeping the Almighty above it all,” said Ms Green.

While Ms Afghan still keeps her body in shape and loves to walk small distances, she also keeps her mind alert with her hobby word search.

“I’m blessed and living a fruitful life because I honoured my parents, and I’m always keeping the Almighty in the centre of my life,” Ms Afghan said.