Love the future generation

Peter Martin, Allenby Estate, Retreat

Mothers and Fathers of Tomorrow

Teach your children well

And give them all the peace

And love they need

Teach them of the past

But let them
not dwell in the past

For the past often occupies recorded failure

Hatred, bloodshed and wars

Teach them to love one another

The same as you loved each other

In that moment and that hour

Of their conception

Listen to their dreams

And mock them not

Encourage them positively

Teach them to be free

Mothers and Fathers of Tomorrow

Give unto your children

For giving is a noble deed

Let your children become noble in giving and deed

And lay the foundation

Of a better world for them

So they may live a better life

Founded on your better foundation

Protect them from their fears

And steer them into the world

Without any bitter tears

But with the comfort of love and peace

Children of the World

Learn to love and to forgive

You are the Future Generation

The hope of the nation

Honour your mother and father

And your days will be long

And prosperous in the land

Which your Creator has given you!