Ludicrous salary should be investigated

Russel Cameron, Zeekoevlei

The City of Cape Town (CCT) and the Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) should be brought under the spotlight and fully investigated as the commissioner, Melissa Whitehead, has been on paid suspension since January.

It is stated that Ms Whitehead earns a ludicrous salary of
R275 000 per month. Your average South African earns 7% of that per month. So candidly she earns per month what your fully qualified South African earns per year. How does CCT and TDA justify her salary?

Looking around Cape Town, the MyCiTi RBT initiative has been one complete financial failure. Capetonians are still making use of the local taxis and Golden Arrow Bus Services.

Should the findings of her earnings be completely factual then all councillors and government official salaries need to be investigated.

Capetonians need to wake up and see where rates and taxes, water and electricity surcharges are really going at the end of the month.

* Luthando Tyhalibongo, spokesperson of the City of Cape Town, responded: “The payment of Ms Whitehead’s salary is in accordance with the