Ma Matsie turns 100 years old

Matsie Lerare, a resident of the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged, celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday May 17.

Her family and friends shared the special day with the centurion who is not able to speak but was beaming with joy .

Ms Lerara, originally from Kimberley, lived in Ocean View up until she became too frail for her family to take care of her.

Her son, Peter Seekoei, placed her in the home eight years ago.

“I am so happy to see my mother reach this age. It is really an honour.

“I sent her to Douglas Murray eight years ago and I think it was the best choice for her because they have looked after her very well.

“I want to thank the staff and everyone at Douglas Murray for taking care of my mother when we as a family couldn’t,” said Mr Seekoei.