Making sound waves

Niyaaz Arendse has been singing all his life.

An Ottery youngster is making (sound) waves in the music industry and in his community.

Niyaaz Arendse, 22, made it through to the top 10 of South African Idols Season 14 and his family couldn’t be any prouder.
Southern Mail visited Niyaaz’s family home in Ottery and spoke to his parents who were hoping their son would make it to the top three or even win the competition.

It was the fourth time Niyaaz had auditioned for Idols earlier this year – the first time he made the director’s cut, the second time to TV auditions and the third time he made it to the top 31.

His parents hope this time he will take the title of 2018 Idol.

Fatima Arendse said Niyaaz, the second youngest of five, had loved singing since he was three years old.

“He always used to sing in the backyard and I used to tell him to stop because he gave me a headache but he continued singing because that is his passion,” she said.

Ms Arendse always knew her son was talented but knew he was destined to be a musician when a teacher from his Primary School, Battswood Primary, called her and told her he was an Idol star in the making.

“Since then he started playing the guitar and participated with his father in the Young Cabbeleros Cape Malay Choir and sang lead on several occasions,” she said.

Niyaaz also participated in many competitions including SA’s got talent, Westgate Voice Search and others.
Ms Arendse said he son’s dream is to study further and become a music teacher.

“I feel so proud and excited for my son and I support him and his dreams to study further and to get far in the music industry. He has a heart of gold and he truly deserves it and he is a good role model for other children who have dreams of being in the music industry no matter your situation. He said if he should win he will take care of me and the rest of the family,” said Ms Arendse.

In a nerve-wrecking turn of events last week Niyaaz was booted off the show but was brought back for a last chance to compete in the top 10.

Father Achmad said Niyaaz was a determined young man. “He’s not one to give up on his dreams. I am so proud of him because he keeps pushing to get where he needs to be. He sang in the Malay Choir since he was eight and his seriously talented. If he doesn’t win Idols I know he will still be successful,” said Mr Arendse.

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