Man, 43, stabbed to death in Parkwood

Deon Davids.

Police are calling for witnesses to the murder of Deon Davids, 43, who died after he was stabbed in Parkwood, on Monday August 15, at 10.30pm, to come forward.

Grassy Park SAPS confirmed that a murder took place in Hoosain Parkers Walk. Warrant Officer Wynita Kleinsmith said “the motive for the stabbing at this moment is under investigation.”

The police are searching for witnesses to come forward. “The suspect, at this stage is unknown. The deceased was stabbed on the left side of his chest and wrist,” said Warrant Officer Kleinsmith.

Mr Davids’ sister-in-law, Dorothy Davids, who is married to his brother Michael, said his wife Charmaine, had to take their baby to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, for a check-up yesterday (on Tuesday) after he was sick in hospital last week. “When she comes back she will go to the mortuary to get her husband’s body.”

She said word on the street is that Mr Davids was on his way to the house shop to buy teabags when he was apparently attacked by two men.

Ms Davids said they do not live far from his house and a boy came to tell them about the incident. “I woke my husband and we found him on the pavement with a stab wound in his chest.”

Ms Davids as well as neighbours called the police. She said the police came first, then the ambulance came afterwards. “They examined him and we saw them put a blanket over his face.”

Mr Davids had five children including a seven-month-old baby boy, Chadley.

Ms Davids said he was the breadwinner in the house and owned a second-hand clothing business, selling clothes at a stall in Capricorn.

He has two other siblings, Johnathan and Brenda.

Anyone with information about the stabbing, can contact Detective Jeandre Smith on 074 998 5796.