Marriage still going strong after 50 years

Kenneth and Lorraine Steer on their wedding day.

After 50 years of marriage, Kenneth and Lorraine Steer, of Ferness Estate, Ottery, will be renewing their vows.

Mr Steer surprised his wife and didn’t tell her that Southern Mail was coming for the interview.

Although taken aback a little, Ms Steer agreed to be interviewed.

He was 30 and she was 18 when he proposed but the big age gap did not change the love they had for each other.

Mr and Ms Steer attended the same church, at the Assemblies of God in Belgravia.

An attraction for each other started to blossom on the way to a church youth camp.

She fell in love with Mr Steer’s “good singing voice” and he fell in love the moment she put her head on his shoulder in the bus on the way to the church youth camp.

“As we held hands, I knew this was the woman for me. We fell in love, and I bought her a ring.”

They got married on March 1 1969.

Three children were born in the marriage: Herschel, Lesley-Ann and Nicholas.

They also have two grandsons named Liam and Luke.

The Steers both agreed that the secret to a solid marriage is their “belief in God”.

Ms Steer said: “We met in a church, and we have always trusted in God. We also take it one day at a time.”

They have been celebrating so many anniversaries through “sickness and health”.

Ms Steer said she had had several operations and both her legs were amputated.

“I am doing well. Sometimes not so well, but if it wasn’t for having faith in God we wouldn’t have been here.”

Mr Steer also had health challenges and he had two heart attacks in April last year. “I came home on
April 13 from the hospital and had another heart attack on April 14,” he said.

However, Mr Steer’s youthfulness may stem from his good sense of humour and he kept Ms Steer smiling. “He makes me laugh,” said Ms Steer.

A carer is looking after Ms Steer, and “we also have lots of family support,” she said.

Mr Steer said sometimes “we need to get out of our environment,” and their family bring joy in their lives.

When asked why Mr Steer fell in love with her, Ms Steer warned him not to be inappropriate.

Mr Steer joked that Ms Steer was a fashionista and she used to work for Fairweather factory.

“She also loved shoes, but now we don’t have to worry about that.”

Ms Steer just looked at him dearly. The couple are excited to renew their vows. “Our vows are so old already, therefore we decided to renew them,” Mr Steer said as he gave a naughty smile and brushed Ms Steer’s hair from her eyes.

Their vows will be renewed at the Grace Family Church in Plumstead, on Sunday March 3, with their family and friends.