Message in song and play for abused women

Pictured are Constable Raafiq Kamfer, Sergeant Heinrich Gordon, Zelda Manuel, Constable Kurt Abrahams and Yasmine Abrahams.

Zelda Manuel, lay counsellor for gender-based violence and Yasmine Abrahams, founder of Jabulani, a non-profit feeding organisation in Parkwood, hosted a Women’s Day event on Wednesday August 18.

The audience was entertained with an informative play as well as song and dance portraying how women who are in abusive relationships can protect themselves.

Ms Manuel said she was singing songs with a message to make abused women aware that they don’t need to stay in the relationship and that they should seek help.

The Grassy Park police were the guest speakers who explained where women can go for help.

Grassy Park Saps, community leaders and the community who attended the Women’s Day event in Parkwood.