Mikyle finds his voice through dance

Mikyle Jochems started the Artist Academy earlier this year.

Grassy Park dancer Mikyle Jochems, 27, is on a mission to change communities for the better through dance and other art forms.

Earlier this year he started the Artist Academy which is a platform for artists to freely express their talent in a “homey, friendly, family environment”.

The Artist Academy held a backyard session in February.

The programme also gives all artists from all genres a creative space where they can connect and work together.

Mikyle was born in Mitchell’s Plain but his family moved to Grassy Park when he was still young and as a result he felt ostracised and like he didn’t fit in. It was only when he started dancing that he found his voice and was able to make friends.

“I was a naughty child and dancing practically saved my life. If it wasn’t for dancing I would have lost my way a long time ago so I want to create a platform where I can do the same for other children. I want to show them that art is a better way to express yourself instead of getting involved in the wrong things,” he says.

Mikyle is a dance teacher at Pelican Park Primary School but started the programme to give access to people from Lotus River, Grassy Park and broader communities to participate.

All artists of all ages are welcome to join and future programmes will include dance classes, voice training, life coaching, with the aim of taking street talent to the stages of the community and beyond, says Mikyle.

“I want to help young or old artists by taking them under my wing, mentoring them and giving them a platform to make their talent seen beyond the streets of the community.

Mikyle Jochems with the pupils he teaches dance to at Pelican Park Primary School.

“Too much talent goes unnoticed and wasted on the streets, due to a lack of both self-belief and negativity from the community. My plan is therefore to mould and mentor them in such a way as to share my vision, adapt a positive mindset, a promising outlook and a reigniting of their fire.”

For more information, contact Mikyle on 063 417 2815.