Mini club entertains Ottery at sanitary drive

Children had fun watching the Mini Club members giving them some drive through entertainment
The Mini Club Cape Town took time out to put up a show for the Ottery community.

Ottery Welfare Network (OWN) teamed up with The Versaces, and the Mini Club Cape Town, for a sanitary drive, on Sunday May 2. Aleshia Adams, operations officer of OWN, said: “We had set a month aside for the sanitary drive where people could donate toiletries and the big need was sanitary towels. About 30 members of the car club took a drive through the Ottery flats and they parked their cars at the old Lotus River High School, where we have our programmes. The children were excited by the cars and both young and old had fun just looking at these amazing cars. We also have to thank everyone for all the donations that made this day a success.”