Mobile science lab

Fairmount Secondary School in Parkwood received a mobile science lab last week The lab, which was donated by PPC on Wednesday October 12, will be used to teach science to Grade nine, 10 and 11 pupils, helping them conduct experiments covered in the high school science syllabus.

As part of the initiative, partner Brainwave will also offer workshops and psychometric analysis to help pupils with their subject selection and provide them with career guidance.

Fairmount principal Terrence Klassen thanked PPC, the Department of Education, Brainwave, Smartlabs, and the Hip Hope Foundation who partnered for the initiative. “For education to create a life and future of possibility for our children, corporates and government need to work together to provide tools they need to realise their dreams. It is our hope that the donation will unlock new career options for many of these learners, and impacts their lives well into the future,” said Mr Klassen.