‘Morsige mense’

Keith Blake, Ottery

I and many other writers have been writing about the illegal dumping taking place on an abnormal scale in the suburbs, especially here on the Cape Flats.

We have blamed the City for not being able to bring this illegal dumping of dirt under control using their standard methods.

Many of us have placed in writing, ideas for the City to bring dumping under control.

Some measures that were placed on the table was arresting the illegal dumpers, impounding of illegal dumpers’ vehicles and there was even talk about letting these illegal dumpers do community service picking up dirt.

I want to share a further few points that need to be brought to the attention of our people where this illegal dumping is taking place.

Firstly, everyone who dumps or sees the dumping and allows it is placing their children and their communities’ health at risk.

Secondly, illegal dumping is detrimental to the environment where it affects the soil and the underground water and it deters people from wanting to do business in the area and so employments opportunities are lost.

Thirdly, dirt is a breeding ground for all kinds of pests and is an agent for fires that endanger homes and lives. Illegal dumping blocks drains and sewerage systems and this also can bring diseases.

Fourthly, illegal dumping is an ugly sight and shows there is no pride or respect for the neighbourhood.

I have personally taken a drive around the Cape Flats and what struck me today, August 4, was the amount of dirt strewn illegally on every open space and corner and not even water canals are spared.

Where does this huge amount of dirt come from?

The majority of dirt does not come from commercial waste, it is from people’s homes.

The City, with expert advice from solid waste, health and law enforcement, the councillors, the religious leaders, the activists, the teachers at our schools have to educate our communities that “morsige mense” are environmental and health terrorists that are upsetting the health and pride of your communities in which you live. The activists in conjunction with community leaders will have to do a survey as to why there is so much dirt..

This take this up in writing to the City and to your councillor who must address this illegal dumping strategy.