Mothers and sisters honoured at event

Marianne Boulle, marketing manager, and Anne Lise Bure, chief executive director of the Novalis Ubuntu Institute.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute (NUI) in Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg, will mark Wo-men’s Month in August with an event themed “A compassionate awakening”.

The NPO’s annual Dynamic African Women Now (DAWN) event on Wednesday August 17, from 10am to 3pm, will honour mothers, sisters and daughters.

Speakers will touch on topics about the history of women in society, poetry and dance.

The DAWN event is a networking tool for the NUI’s “A change for every child” project, which is aimed at adults caring for vulnerable children, such as teachers, caregivers, trainers, social workers, youth leaders and civil society activists.

They are given the tools and skills to face the challenges of taking care of the children through an enrichment programme at a 12-day workshop.

Anne Lise Bure, NUI chief executive director, said it also helps them unleash their hidden talents.

“Everyone has a birth right and is born with talents and skills,” said Ms Bure, who has been with NUI since 1990 and said previously she had felt there was something “missing” in her life.

“I was a 35-year-old, single mother and working in the corporate sector. When I came to Novalis I knew this is what I wanted to do. It is not just empowering, but education outside the box. It is a practical and holistic way of learning from the heart.”

The NUI was founded by Dr Ralph Shepherd, in Durban, in 1983 and a group of conscious friends with the purpose of making creative contributions to educational, social and cultural challenges.

The institute is named after the German poet, philosopher and geologist Friedrich von Hardenberg (1772 – 1801) who chose the pen name of Novalis (“that which is of the future” in Latin) and the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which is based on oneness and selfless giving.

Marianne Boulle, marketing manager, said she was inspired by Ms Bure three years ago and joined NUI because the organisation’s philosophy is similar to her own. “I used to be in publishing, and Novalis was my client,” she said.

She said the DAWN event last year focused on “Putting the heart back into teaching” and was a success.

“There were about 12 men and 90 women. The men expressed their appreciation for women. There was so much energy in that hall.”

Other workshops offered at NUI include healing, art classes, self-awareness and conscious development.

For more information about the event, contact Ms Boulle on 021 797 1857 or visit their website