Mr Mateza delivers

Pictured is Mr Mateza, at his 80th birthday on September 29.

Eagle Park resident Chris Thisani, a very good neighbour of Phillip Mateza, 80, called Southern Mail to share the story of how grateful he was for Mr Mateza who delivers Southern Mail every Wednesday to everyone in the neighbourhood.

Mr Thisane said the community is grateful to Mr Mateza for doing this despite his advanced age. “We all wish him good health and may God continue blessing him with good health and many more years. He tells everyone that his walks to Shoprite every day is the reason he is this healthy.”

Mr Mateza could not be reached but his wife Florence, 73, said her husband is such a “nice man”, and he has collected the Southern Mail at Shoprite every week, for the past six years. She said he also helps her clean the house.

“Phillip used to work as a handyman before he retired,” she said.