Mum’s the word in sex pest investigation

The principal of a Grassy Park high school and Western Cape Education Department officials are remaining tight-lipped about the staff member who was suspended after pictures and videos of him posing inappropriately with school girls, were circulated (“Sex pest still under investigation”, Southern Mail, March 14).

While the principal met with parents recently, he told them he could not discuss the details of the matter as it was still under investigation.

The accused staff member was seen kissing and touching the girls in school uniform in pictures tweeted from the account of Man’s Not Barry Roux, @Adv.BarryRoux. The account uses the names of defence lawyer Barry Roux who famously defended convicted murderer and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, but it is not associated with him.

Also at the meeting, which was held on Thursday March 15 – and which the Southern Mail was not allowed to attend – was a Western Cape Education Department (WCED) circuit manager.

When Southern Mail contacted the principal afterward to find out what had been discussed at the meeting, we were referred to circuit manager Thandi Jafta, who said she was not at liberty to speak to the media.

When we contacted the WCED, their spokesperson, Millicent Merton, did not tell us much more than what we already knew. “The principal and circuit manager addressed the parents. The suspect is still suspended. The parents understood that the matter cannot be discussed as the matter is still under investigation,” she said.