Music and arts auditorium for Steenberg High

Graham Finlayson, president from the Rotary Club of Newlands, André Kraak, principal of Steenberg High School and Greg Lewis, managing director for Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages.

Steenberg High School’s new music and arts auditorium was officially opened earlier this month.

The auditorium was made possible with donations of R2.25 million from Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages in partnership with the Rotary Club of Newlands who contributed to and managed the building project.

Principal André Kraak said the music band started in 2010. Numbers dwindled but started increasing again in 2013. The eager music pupils didn’t have the space to practice and perform. “They needed a stage, an opportunity. It has always been a dream to have an auditorium or a theatre. We always had to drive out of our area to perform. We now have a facility in which we can hone the musical talent and take it to new heights,” said Mr Kraak.

An emotional Mr Kraak thanked everyone who made their dream of an auditorium possible.

“Thank you for embracing our vision to develop our children’s talent and for creating and enabling such an environment for our children,” he said.

WesternCapeEducation Department circuit manager, Isobel Senosi, said the auditorium is a world-class facility that will go a long way to cultivate and embrace the arts, especially since art is neglected and sometimes non-existent at schools.

“(It is) where not only Steenberg pupils but the community can showcase what is possible and to show what talent is in the community. The talent, commitment and drive is evident at Steenberg High School and with the help of the sponsors and donors the school’s vision and musical legacy can now be carried out,” said Ms Senosi.

“Hopefully one day we will see some of the pupils who are currently in the music programme perform on world stages because of the foundation they received at Steenberg High School,” she said.

Priscilla Urquhart from Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages said: “We are thrilled to partner with Steenberg High School in providing a dedicated space for music, dance and arts to flourish. This is our big 2017 CSI project and believe it will provide learners with a space to thrive and excel.”

She said the level of talent of pupils at the school is phenomenal and it’s encouraging to see children thrive as they perform together. “This building symbolises an investment in arts and culture. It is indeed a place that will inspire moments of happiness in the lives of many learners, their parents, the teachers at this school and the wider community,”said Ms Urquhart.