Muslims view relic

Hundreds of Muslims gathered at the Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre in Eagle Park, on Thursday January 25, to view a holy relic that they hold to be strands of hair from the Prophet Muhammad. The viewing, known as Sha’r Mubarak Ziyarah, takes place annually at the centre. The centre’s spokesman, Sheikh Sayed Ridhwaan Mohamed, said: “While some were overjoyed to see this precious relic, others were moved to tears by the overwhelming emotions that arose from being in the presence of such a sacred artefact.” In front, from left, are Mufti Sayed Haroon Al Azhari, head of the Cape Town Ulama Board; Hazrat Baqi Bawa Ashrafi; Khalifa Kassim Ashrafi Zalgoankir, head of the Ashrafi Centre in Cape Town; and Maulana Sayed Imraan Shah Ziyaee, the principal of the Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre.
From left are retired Grassy Park police station commander Colonel Dawood Laing, Sheikh Yaseen Katona, Maulana Sayed Noor Ad Dusuqi, Maulana Sayed Imraan Ziyaee, Sheikh Riad Ahmed, Maulana Umar Yusuf Mdoka, Sheikh Ishaaq and Hafith Madiney Orrie.