Muso shares his clothes with the less fortunate

Lillian Amos

When Retreat muso Lance Rhoda looked in his cupboard on Christmas Day he got an unshakable feeling that he should give back to the community by giving away his clothes.

It wasn’t the first time he had this feeling though. In November he had the same feeing but didn’t pay too much attention to it.

“God spoke to me and told me to give back to the community by giving away my clothes. At first I couldn’t understand. I had a lot of clothes and shoes but I thought to myself that I worked hard for it. I thought what God was telling me was madness,” said the 23-year-old drummer.

On Wednesday January 20, he finally decided to pack up most of his clothes and shoes and take them to Cuba Heights in Lavender Hill where he also gave youngsters a show with his drumming kit.

The drummer was nearly in tears when he saw the reaction of the recipients of his clothes.

“There were children and younsters who didn’t have any clothes and they were thankful for what I was able to give them. I am happy I could do something for these kids,” he said.

Lance, who grew up in Lavender Hill, and later moved to Retreat, is hoping to start a music school for children.

He is also organising an event that will take place later this year where 1 000 musicians will try to break the world record for the most drummers playing collectively.

The event will take place at the Cape Town Stadium on Saturday August 13.

All funds raised at the event will go towards building the music school.

To support or find out more about the event, contact Yolanda Booysen on 076 720 6206 or email