Nature destroyed

Mariam Mariam Davids, secretary, New Horizon Neighbourhood Watch

There is a section of the False Bay Nature Reserve which runs into the six-year-old community of New Horizon in Pelican Park.

This precious part of nature is being destroyed by vagrants, thieves, other bad elements waiting for homes to break in and is used as a spot to smoke dagga.

It is adjacent to the False Bay Nature Reserve entrance, down Flowerpecker Road over Oystercatcher into Catbird and between Catbird and Waxwing roads, in New Horizon, Pelican Park.

Please note the New Horizon Neighbourhood Watch chairperson, Manie Ganief, requested for years that this part needs to be fenced off to protect nature as well as the young girls from being attacked within these bushes.

Felicity Purchase, mayoral committee member for transport, responds:

The City of Cape Town is not able to accede to the request from citizens to cover or fence off stormwater canals, stormwater channels and other stormwater bodies (including wetlands, vleis, etc.) in the city.

The stormwater infrastructure is required to remain open to ensure the uninterrupted flow of stormwater throughout the city, and to ensure easy access for maintenance and rehabilitation purposes. The City has a responsibility in terms of the Constitution of South Africa, read together with national legislation on water and the environment, including the City’s by-law relating to Stormwater Management to manage stormwater infrastructure accordingly.

Citizens must report criminal activity to City Law Enforcement on 107 (021 480 7700 from a landline) or the South African Police Services on 080 033 3177. These agencies have statutory mandates to carry out law enforcement with regard to criminal activity.

In terms of illegal dumping of waste, we ask that residents report such events to the City’s solid waste law enforcement on 0860 103089 along with images for proof.