New financial year, new ward projects

With the new financial year in full swing, millions of rands from ward allocations are being spent on various projects across the city – and ward councillors are spending a lot of it on CCTV cameras.

Each financial year runs from July 1 to June the following year and every sub-council is allocated a budget per ward for various projects.

Traditionally, each ward is allocated
R850 000 but earlier this year the City of Cape Town announced that this amount would increase to R1 million. The adjusted budget will be passed in January next year.

This week we speak to three of
the seven councillors who have wards in the Southern Mail’s distribution area – Shanen Rossouw from Ward 110, Kevin Southgate from Ward 72 and Patricia van der Ross from Ward 65.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be hearing from the others what their plans are for their allocations.

New projects in Ward 110 include the Crestway Housing Development, the extension of the Retreat drop-off centre and repairs to windows and staircases at rental stock homes which will cost
R500 000.

Some other projects allocations will be spent on include the installation of flood lights in parks, more CCTV cameras and the installation of a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera at the main entrances of the ward. This will cost R300 000 and the maintenance will cost R50 000.

Asked what project means the most to her, Ms Rossouw said the camera room which was started in 2015.

“We are now seeing the impact of the installation and monitoring of the CCTV cameras. The relationship between the camera room and police has now grown and they are making use of the footage acquired by the camera room. The neighbourhood watches are growing and buying in to the idea of safer communities,” she said.

“Most of the allocation has been allocated to the Cafda area for pavement and installation of LPR cameras in the ward. I am also in communication with officials to upgrade the Komlossy Park into a sports field,” said Ms Rossouw.

She also encouraged residents to become part of existing neighbourhood watches and patrols.

Ms Van der Ross said all projects set out for the 2019/2020 financial year would be completed by the end of June next year.

“We will continue with the second last phase of our safety and security and roads rehabilitation. This forms part of my five-year plan and continue camera installation as well traffic calming measures and resurfacing,” she said.

A further R100 000 has also been set aside to assist the Department of Human Settlements to start upgrading the windows in rental stock units.

Other projects on the cards in-
clude park upgrades to the value of R100 000, R250 000 has been budgeted for safety and security
initiatives, R150 000 for traffic calming, R100 000 for road resurfacing
R100 000 for rental stock upgrades, R100 000 for park upgrades, R65 000 for senior and youth programmes R65 000, R35 000 will go to Grassdale High and R50 000 will be spent on libraries.

“We are looking at having safe areas where our kids can play freely without fear,” she said.

Also being worked on is an informal trading plan for Lotus
River which will be facilitated
by the urban management department.

“It will allow the residents of Lotus River to have their own flea market and this will empower the unemployed to have their own stalls and have an income. It will also decrease the criminal activity as many residents have voiced their concerns of the lack of jobs which increases criminal activity,” she said.

She thanked residents of Ward 65 for communicating with her office and the 14 neighbourhood watches for their contribution to keeping the area safe.

Ward 72’s new projects include the upgrades to Solo Park Sports field and the installation of CCTV cameras which will cost R290 000.

Princess Vlei has been allocated a R250 000 slice of the pie, with
R100 000 being set aside for the upgrade of parks, R270 000 for a dedicated law enforcement officer and youth, sports and recreation programmes.

“The upgrade and developments at Princess Vlei park remain the most important. This is a project that was started over three years ago and every year I have allocated ward funds to it,” Mr Southgate said.

The upgrades so far include the upgrade of the entrance, paved parking, a platform, signage, new braai facilities and a new play park.

He encouraged residents to take ownership and responsibility for upgrades and commit to ensuring that facilities are not vandalised.

“Safety and security remains a priority and thus I have again allocated money for a law enforcement officer who adds great value to the community. Funding for sports facilities and parks will also always feature in the ward budget as they are integral components in developing a healthy and safe environment,” he said.

Although cleaning up illegal dumping is not paid for by ward allocations, all three councillors encouraged residents to report illegal dumping as the City spends R350 000 million a year on cleaning it.

If you have a suggestion for a ward project, contact your
ward committee, your ward councillor or your sub-council manager.