New hope for informal traders in Pelican Park

Trevor Botha, chairperson of the Pelican Park Traders’ Association, has welcomed the new site for informal trading.
An aerial view of the proposed site for informal traders, at the corner of Dollarbird and Roadrunner streets, in New Horizon, Pelican Park.
Laylah Ryklief of the New Horizon Civic Association

Residents are excited about the revised informal trading plan for Pelican Park which has been approved.

It will see 60 informal trading opportunities being created at the corner of Dollarbird and Roadrunner streets, in New Horizon, Pelican Park.

The new informal trading plan for Pelican Park was developed by City’s Area Economic Development Department, within the Urban Management Directorate, in response to a request from Sub-council 18 to create economic opportunities in Ward 67.

The final trading plan was presented at the Sub-council 18 meeting on Thursday February 18 and approved by Council on Thursday April 29.

Grant Twigg, the City’s mayoral committee member for urban management, said, the development process had included the internal and external stakeholder engagements. At these meetings, interested parties had been given an opportunity to provide input into the draft trading plan. “Informal trading plays a vital role in creating much-needed employment and economic opportunities,” Mr Twigg said.

Laylah Ryklief, chairperson of The New Horizon Civic Association, said, the community was “elated with the final approval of traders development plan”.

“This is our second achievement within the boundaries of New Horizon. First it was the new clinic (“Pelican Park clinic opens”, Southern Mail, October 2 2019). Now, it’s the traders development that will finally commence with the help and assistance of our Ward councillor Gerry Gordon.”

Ms Ryklief said: “It’s been a hard and long struggle for our informal traders trading at Shoprite as many were given fines and some (had) goods confiscated so this would definitely be a great opportunity.

“Five years ago the New Horizon Civic Association was approached by Trevor Botha, Berenice Halifax and company to assist them with the traders. We, the Civic, also had meetings with the City and the ward committee members handed all relevant information to our councillor.”

Trevor Botha, chairperson of the Pelican Park Traders’ Association, welcomed the project, saying they had “struggled for five years to find an area where informal trade could take place as a form of an income in these tough economic times”.

He added: “All informal traders will be removed from their existing spots, to comply with City by-laws, and with the rules laid out to them by Pelican Park Traders’ Association.”

Tasneem Adams, who has been trading for seven years, welcomed the new location. “We had been experiencing the challenge of having no shelter when it rains. Many of us, like myself, depend on this income, and cannot afford not to trade.”

Ms Adams said she sells a variety of items such as luxuries, toilet rolls to detergents and used to sell meat from home during lockdown. “We are happy with the location as it is situated within walking distance from Shoprite.”

Mr Twigg said the local residents and informal traders needed to register as an informal trader on the City’s website.

“Once registered on the City’s Informal Trading Web Portal, they can apply for informal trading bays that are advertised (there). The City’s Area Economic Department (AED), will be hosting a workshop to familiarise the traders/residents with the process of acquiring an informal trading permit.

“The development is envisaged to start from July 1 and it is envisaged that it will be completed by end June 2022.”

Residents/ informal traders can contact Janice Adams for any additional information via or call 084 900 0145 or 021 684 4381.