New Horizon park project gets positive feedback

About 50 people attended the Ward 67 to listen to the feedback from Councillor Gerry Gordon regarding the New Horizon integrated recreational park facility.

Residents were happy with the good news presented at a feedback meeting about the Pelican Park integrated recreational park facility and safety and security issues.

The meeting, held at Pelican Park community hall, on Thursday February 3, followed one convened in December 2021 at which residents tabled their concerns, among which were safety and security, and the need for jobs and sporting facilities (“Safety and jobs come up at Ward 67 meeting”, December 8).

In a PowerPoint presentation, Ward 67 councillor Gerry Gordon and her team outlined the development and implementation of Pelican Park’s integrated park facility to the 50 people who attended the meeting.

Ms Gordon said local labour would be required during the implementation phase of the park project and that equal opportunities throughout the whole of Ward 67 would be created through this project.

“Local labour goes through our central City database system and that is why I am encouraging everyone that is unemployed in our ward to update and apply for job opportunities either at our Sub-council 18 office or at my office in Lotus River to be on the City’s job seekers database,” said Ms Gordon.

She highlighted the importance of safety and urged the neighbourhood watch members as well as the community to help them take care of their spaces and parks.

“This project costs almost over R5 million from taxpayers’ money. So, we call on all residents and safety structures to help manage and keep our open spaces safe as an investment into the area. All of us should take pride in what we have and received thus far by taking care of one another and our community and society at large,” said Ms Gordon.

Marlon Johnstone, chairperson of the Residents’ Neighbourhood Watch, in New Horizon said the people were “elated” with the positive feedback from the councillor.

People are happy that local labour will be used to assist in developing the recreational park in New Horizon.

Mr Johnstone said Ms Gordon had met with the watches last week to discuss how watches should get involved in assisting with the safety aspect of the project.

“We will also be meeting with Councillor Gordon (on Monday February 7) to discuss our year plan for our neighbourhood watch projects.”

The residents welcomed the sports facilities planned for the children such as a sprint track, soccer, basketball and netball courts, an outdoor gym, a multi-use plaza (with a small stage), a community garden and much-needed flood lights to light up the entire park.

Mr Johnstone said: “We would like to use the garden to plant veggies, but we will encourage the community to plant their own veggies. We will use the produce for a soup kitchen to feed the residents.”

Mr Johnstone said he was also happy that the project would make use of local labour.