New principal at Lavender Hill High

Newly-appointed principal of Lavender Hill, Fuad Viljoen, at the school's softball stand.

With a clear vision for the future of Lavender Hill High School and the community as a whole, newly-appointed principal, Fuad Viljoen, seems to have been perfectly reared for the role.

A Fairmount High School alumnus, Mr Viljoen had been teaching at Sibelius High School for 25 years and was head of department before being appointed deputy principal in 2016. At the beginning of the school term he started as principal of Lavender Hill High.

Having to meet some high expectations, and with big shoes to fill, left by former principal Faseeg Manie (“School’s great leader takes a bow”, Southern Mail, June 19, 2019) who retired last year, Mr Viljoen said he was fully prepared and had taken on the role with confidence.

“I must acknowledge the legacy Mr Manie left behind and I salute him. I will be walking my own journey in my own well-worn shoes with a hardworking, competent staff, an active school governing body (SGB) and a supportive community.”

Asked what legacy he would like to leave behind, he said: “My legacy would be for every learner that enters the school, to exit being a well-rounded, well-balanced individual who will make this school and the Lavender Hill community proud.”

Mr Viljoen said he wanted to make Lavender Hill High School the school of choice where pupils living in the area didn’t travel out of the community to attend other schools.

“My vision is to make this school the vehicle which will uplift this community. It doesn’t matter where you come from, but where this school can take you through education.

“Lavender Hill High School is a community school situated in a community that is beset with many social challenges. We aim to maintain and even increase that pass rate, not only for Grade 12s but from Grade 8 to 11 as well. The matric class of 2019 managed that through a 89.9% pass rate,” he said.

Not only is his aim to focus to be the best academic school but also the best sports school in athletics, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, cricket, rugby, chess and volleyball. As well as all other cultural acti-

“My highlight thus far is how supportive the staff is and wanting me to lead them. With their support Lavender Hill is going to be the best school. Well done to the staff for what you have achieved so far. Let us roll up our sleeves again and do what we do best,” he said.