Office to bring Parliament to the people

Advocate Hishaam Mohamed.

A parliamentary constituency office was launched last week with the aim of bringing “the government to the people” in the southern suburbs.

The office is open to people who belong to any political party who seek help or advice from the African National Congress Parliamentary Constituency Office (PCO), with Advocate Hishaam Mohamed who has been appointed the parliamentary representative in the southern suburbs for five years.

After the national government elections on May 8, Mr Mohamed was elected as the ANC Whip for the Justice and Correctional Services Portfolio Committee.

Mr Mohamed and other dignitaries were invited to the launch at Pelican Park Parliamentary Village on Friday November 22 to address the community about their vision.

Mr Mohamed said the meeting marked an important day in the political life the southern suburbs. “Since the advent of colonialism and apartheid, the institutions of power, and the
instruments of governance have been far removed from the people and have been used to oppress us.”

Mr Mohamed said the ANC sees the PCO as an extension of its main goals, aims and objectives to bring about an equal and just society.

“Parliament also sees the MP and PCO in the community as an extension of its role to bring Parliament and the law-making process closer to the ordinary citizens on whose behalf it makes and passes laws”.

He said the two are not exclusive and should play a role in helping both to reach its objectives. “We have an opportunity to build our community by using the PCO as a central point of unity and as a collective force of our community.

“The PCO will be an office that is grounded in values of service to the poorest of the poor. To clearly understand the role of the MP and the PCO in the community, it is important that we get to grips with how Parliament works, the issues in Parliament and the pains and groans of the South African society, be it political, social or economic.”

Mr Mohamed identified seven priority areas needed in the communities. These included economic transformation and job creation, education, skills and health, reliable and quality basic services, spatial integration, human settlements and local government, social cohesion and safe communities and preventing GBVF (gender-based violence and femicide), and building a capable, ethical and developmental state, a better Africa and world.

For more information about the office, visit the temporary office at 16 Military Road, Steenberg or contact Beryl Miller on 021 701 8386 oremailberylmiller68@gmail.

* In the new year, the office will move to Grassy Park and possibly new telephone numbers.

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