Operation Open Hearts

Keith Blake, Ottery

A few years ago my wife Tina and I, with our helpers in Ottery, started what we titled Operation Open Hearts/ Open Hands.

This operation’s main aim was to tell privileged people out there about those suffering in the Cape winter with food shortages and a lack of warm or proper clothing.

Giving to the poor is a never-ending process as the needs are never-ending but we are hoping that people out there will do their own Operation Open Hearts/Open Hands in a small or big manner. What matters is that you care and you help as best you can.

On Tuesday April 24, I received a bakkie load of vegetables from a farmer friend and at my home I invited the residents of Freedom Park informal settlement to bring carrier bags and to come and collect the donated vegetables.

What a wonderful sight it was as the residents thanked Tina and me for the vegetables.

Tina and I can never stop giving but we depend on God to open the hearts of people and businesses and if their hearts are open then their hands are definitely open.

We are challenging our fellow good Samaritans out there to initiate as soon as possible their own Operation Open Hearts/ Open Hands and so bless the poor and needy in and around their neighbourhoods.

Tina and I are appealing to people and businesses out there to donate bread, soup vegetables, groceries, clothing and shoes for both men, women and children and blankets and bedding.

Allow me to quote Mother Teresa to motivate you: “Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

If you want to contribute any of the above goodies, contact Keith Blake on 073 877 6207 or Tina Blake on 079 929 5215 or 021 704 0053.