Oribi Street residents form committee

Members of the newly formed street committee took a walk in the streets of Lotus River on Friday last week.

Oribi Street residents in Lotus River have formed a committee to take back their street and promote the well being of all who live in it.

The street committee was formed on Thursday April 27 and on Friday April 28 they had a walkabout in the area to create awareness about their goals.

Pastor Paul Phillips said this initiative falls under the auspices of the newly founded Destiny Community Development Corporation, a community based organisation in Lotus River.

“Residents in Oribi Avenue have decided to take ownership of their neighbourhood and streets, by addressing issues such as safety, municipal complaints, youth, child and elderly care and related matters in the street.”

He said at the meeting held on Thursday, faith leaders, residents and supporting organisations such as Voice of Parkwood representatives elected a street committee.

“A walkabout with the support of SAPS, a street cleaning on Saturday April 29 and feeding on Sunday April 30, for 200 people, courtesy of Jabulani feeding scheme are immediate actions that took place,” Pastor Phillips said.

Other initiatives were the establishment of a street soccer team, netball team and beautifying of illegal dumping areas.

“The neighbourhood watch team and street committee will register soon with the Department of Community and Safety,” said Pastor Phillips.