Ottery property to be rezoned for used car lot

An application has been made to rezone the premises on the corner of Ferness and Ottery Roads.

The owner of a property in Ottery is planning to rezone it for business purposes.

Faiz Fakier Properties has applied to the City of Cape Town to rezone a piece of land on the corner of Ferness and Ottery roads from single residential to a local business 2 property type and residents can comment or object to the planned rezoning.

The vacant piece of land will be used for a used car lot, and access to the property will be from Ferness Road.

As stipulated by the Municipal Planning By-Law 2015, all rezoning must be assessed by the City of Cape Town as part of a land use management application.

To allow rezoning to a local business 2 property type includes primary uses and consent uses.

The primary uses could include shops, offices, a dwelling house or
a second dwelling.

Consent uses are place of assembly such as for informal trading, restaurants for the sale of alcoholic beverages, etc.

The Local Business 2 zone is considered appropriate for commercial developments adjacent to residential areas.

There are currently no restrictive conditions contained in the title deed that prohibits the property from being rezoned.

Thpropertywilloffer on-site parking for customers to
ensure the residential streets will not be congested with street parking.

The application may be inspected at the office of the district manager at the department of development at the Plumstead municipal offices.

Any objections, comments or
representations with reasons thereof can be lodged in writing at the office or by emailing to comments_