Ottery pupils get guidance

Christo Williams runs a programme to help pupils and their parents during the lockdown.

An Ottery community worker is helping children with school work during the national lockdown.

Christo Williams, 31, from Africa Jam Youth Outreach, runs a programme to help pupils and their parents during the lockdown that has now been extended to the end of the month.

Mr Williams said many children are battling to complete work their schools had set for them to do during lockdown because they either lived with their grandparents or their parents had inadequate schooling.

“I would like to encourage anyone to call me or WhatsApp if they need assistance with school work, projects or any academic help. I am familiar with the material and I am able to do research and have access to government sites that could be helpful and give them guidelines on what to read and what to prepare for.

“People also don’t have data and access so I get the information they need. I encourage others who can assist in whichever subject to assist in this way.”

He said he was also trying to boost people’s morale and offer a listening ear to those who felt lonely and fearful.

Mr Williams said many in Ottery, especially children, were ignoring the lockdown rules.

“Kids are still playing outside, parents and caregivers are sitting outside and in groups and people are playing soccer. It seems like normal holiday and there is no real adherence and compliance. I don’t know if they realise the real dangers.

“This makes our attempts, the people who do adhere to physical distancing and lockdown rules, null and void if there are people moving around. They’re putting all of us at risk.

“If Covid-19 breaks out in Ottery the infection rate will be overwhelming because many households are congested, making it easy for the virus to spread, so I encourage people to adhere to the rules in order to overcome this virus and to come out victorious.”

Adults should lead by example for children, he said.

Mr Williams encouraged people to exercise and look after their mental wellbeing during the lockdown.

“Don’t watch too much news or TV. If you have the space to stretch your legs and exercise, then do that as far as you can.”

WhatsApp or call Mr Williams at 062 860 9187 or email