PAB ready to serve community after move

Lucinda Evans, leader of the Philisa Abafazi Bethu Womens Centre, opened up offices on the new premises at Lavender Hill High School.

Philisa Abafazi Bethu (PAB) Women’s Centre, at Lavender Hill High School, has been open since Monday April 9.

The organisation, which focuses on supporting abused women, has a women’s support group, an after-school programme for children, a consulting centre for parents, a seniors’ project for disadvantaged elderly women and an emergency safe house for women in need.

Founder Lucinda Evans said: “My amazing staff and programme team are ready to serve the community – families and children.

“We’ve had an amazing eight days of really pulling together as a team to facilitate the move and be ready by deadline.

“We’ve pushed very hard and today I can only say a huge thank you to a dedicated and hardworking team.

“I am very humbled and super proud to lead these esteemed leaders in their own right. I want to especially thank their families husbands, boyfriends and partners for their sacrifices too. Thank you to the volunteers who came and helped too.”

Ms Evans said she was aware that “my bar as a leader is set very high for Lavender Hill but I believe that this community deserves nothing but the very best, our children deserve nothing but the best, the families we are going to work with in future, deserve quality services.”

* There will be an open day for parents to enrol their children at an after-school programme.

There is also an opportunity for 30 children to be enrolled in a school drop-out programme launched on the same day.

For more information, contact Ms Evans on 021 802 4030 or email or visit