Devin Frans gives one of the seniors a pedicure.

One of the projects that Restoring Hope Association, a non-profit organisation, embarks on every year is a pamper day for the elderly at Douglas Murray Old Age Home. This year, was their third year, and  they pampered the seniors with manicures, pedicures and haircuts, on Saturday February 16. Dale Hendricks, chairperson of Restoring Hope, said seniors are often neglected by family, friends and society in general, “yet so many of them have made so many sacrifices in their lives for their loved ones as well as the greater community. Many of them no longer have contact with their loved ones, or have lost loved ones along the way.  We felt that Valentine’s Day would be an appropriate time for them to feel special and cared for, and spend it in a way where they will feel loved and appreciated.” He said they are aiming to plant a seed of hope for the elderly and that they should know they are cared for and appreciated.