Parkwood boy, 11, dies in gangfire

People were drawn to the shooting incident of a boy, 11, in Parkwood, on Monday September 7.

Thanks to the community, one person was arrested for the murder of an 11-year old boy in Parkwood.

A bullet hit Nehemia Classen in the head on Monday September 7 at about noon in Parker’s Walk – he was taken off life support on Tuesday September 8 after he was declared brain dead at Red Cross Children’s hospital.

Community worker Paul Phillips said the boy was taken to hospital by paramedics shortly after the incident.

“I was at the scene and he was still breathing very lightly but the bullet hit the back of his head,” he said.

He said Parkwood community leaders had an emergency meeting after the shooting.

“We were supposed to have a meeting with the community police forum and police last week to discuss the current gang shootings in the area but they did not show. There was a quiet period where there were not really any shootings but after the shooting of Nehemia the community is angry,” said Mr Phillips.

Grassy Park SAPS station commander, Colonel Dawood Laing said with the community’s help they’ve arrested one person in connection with the shooting on the same day of the shooting.

“The community was very co-operative and we arrested one person from the Mongrels gang and there is one more arrest to be made,” said Colonel Laing.

Grassy Park Community Police Forum chairperson Melvin Jonkers said This is a sad moment for the community of Parkwood Estate and all of us in the Grassy Park Police Precinct.

“The CPF is concerned and shattered that yet another child has to be robbed of a future because we are unable to get the shootings under control.

It would appear that every effort by the police and the community to get rid of the guns in that area just seem to be so futile in the face of unbridled gangsterism and drug dealing in our area. The CPF calls upon the community to support the police in its efforts to identify the hiding places of gangsters and their guns,” he said.

He said the hunt for the other shooter is continuing and an arrest is expected soon.

Mr Jonkers expressed the forum’s condolences to the his parents and family.