Pickled fish run

Keith Blake, Ottery

The Ottery Boyz MCC and other bike clubs will be hosting a day where we as bikers, the community and businesses all come together and spend the morning of Good Friday, March 30, with the underprivileged people in our community.

We hand out pickled fish to them as we have been doing this for a few years and every year the initiative gets bigger and bigger.

Ottery Boyz MCC has a birthday bash annually where we raise funds towards this day. But we need more assistance.

We are planning to feed an estimated 3 500 people.

So we are asking anyone if they would like to assist us with any donations.

We need fish oil, fish, bread or buns, butter and cool drinks. Assistance on the
day would be appreciated.

Contact Morne Blake on 073 671 8642 or me on 073 877 6207 for more information.