Postives during festive season

Pastor Paul Phillips, Voice of Parkwood

Most of the time we read and hear of all the negative incidents and events which affect our community.

In the midst of all the not-so-good news, it’s heart-warming to note all the positives that we easily overlook, take for granted and sometimes don’t appreciate.

What stood out over the festive period when most people were focused on preparation for celebration, spending bonuses
and savings, shopping and some going on holiday, again the handful of faithful and dedicated community servants were working behind the scenes almost daily, caring and sharing for the needy, the less fortunate and destitute.

The good story that comes from the community are the volunteers from different organisations and structures who availed themselves, their time and resources – from the holiday programmes, the children’s
parties, the loads of
gifts and party packs, the wonderful meals, clothing, the carols by candlelight gatherings to the continual services rendered when everyone else was “on holiday”

Allow me to make special mention of Jabulani Community Services, Keith Blake, Oasis, Voice of Parkwood, City of Cape Town’s social development directorate, Foundation for Positive Change, MJ Puppy Shelter, Household of Prayer and all the other organisations, churches and mosques which made a huge impact within the Parkwood community. So as we walk into another year, with even bigger and more challenges, let us continue to serve, care and to share.

Let us continue to work side by side, irrespective of our beliefs, religion or political convictions.

Let us continue to do good, let’s fight for the cause of the widow, the aged, the poor, the

destitute and the child. Let’s invest in our youth and take ownership of our schools, parks and facilities. Let us be big enough to overcome our differences, recognise the real challenges and do something about them. Together we can.