Programme in place to boost pupils’ careers

Lavender Hill High School

A teacher at Lavender Hill High School has taken a different approach to guide pupils who perform outstandingly at the school and to encourage those who are not doing so well.

The top performing pupils were given certificates, on Thursday November 17, as part of the school’s Bachelor Achievement Programme (BAP).

The BAP programme was launched last week and was the brainchild of teacher Nazeem Daniels.

The programme entails providing support to pupils from Grade 8 through to Grade 12 in order for them to obtain good Bachelor’s degree passes by the end of their schooling career, which would then put them in good stead for a tertiary education qualification from a university.

Mr Daniels came up with the idea after the realisation that he knows only five pupils from the school who have been able to reach that level.

“I’ve been a teacher at Lavender Hill High School for the past 15 years and only five pupils have made it to a university. Not because of the lack of good academic results but because of circumstances, “said Mr Daniels.

“Most of our learners come from single-parent households or live with their grandparents. So even when they do pass matric well enough, they aren’t able to attend university because
they can’t afford it. We want to change that and bring on sponsors as well as organisations that could help these pupils with bursaries and support them throughout their academic years,” he said.

Mr Daniels also hopes the BAP will encourage other pupils to improve their academic marks so they can become part of the programme.

“Why can other schools have 50 to 100 Bachelor’s passes every year while our school only gets between 10 and 15? I’m tired of people saying this is only Lavender Hill. Our learners have just as much talent and potential as all those other pupils,” said Mr Daniels.

“I also started this programme because I’m frustrated that our top learners are constantly being overlooked in favour of learners who come to school to disrupt, sell drugs and give teachers hell. The hard workers need to get the acknowledgement they deserve,” he added.

Principal Faseeg Manie supports the programme and encouraged pupils to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

“We are here to help you become the best you. To the parents, we encourage them to believe in their children and create an environment where their children can thrive. The circumstances might be difficult but with your assistance your children will be able to rise above their circumstances,” said Mr Manie.

Community leaders, organisations, businesses and individuals who wish to take part in the programme and become spon-
sors can contact the school to find out more about the programme.

“We need everyone to buy into the idea so that there could be a change at our school and eventually a positive change
in Lavender Hill,” said Mr Daniels.

For more information, call the school on 021 701 2281 or 081 583 0027.