Protesters oppose PHA development

The Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) Food and Farming Campaign, under the leadership of Nazeer Sonday, has once again raised concerns about a rezoning application that was made to the City of Cape Town.

On Wednesday April 6, Rapicorp, the developer who has applied to have a section of the land in the PHA developed for housing, held an open day to give people an opportunity to have their say.

The PHA Food and Farming Campaign held a protest at the meeting that was held at the at Portland Indoor Sports Centre in Mitchell’s Plain.

Mr Sonday said the City has practically given the Rapicorp developer permission to rezone the agricultural land into housing, without any environmental impact assessment being approved. He said it was a violation of national legislation and a blatant violation of their rights as the PHA community.

An online petition has already been signed by 3 000 supporters. Mr Sonday said they will take every step to try and stop the development from going ahead.